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Although this eximious village with all shades of green, reminds anchovy (Hamsi in Turkish) when Black Sea is the subject, has taken its origin from the Arabic word “hamse”. Since the four of the villages in vicinity are also referred with Hamsiköy, the former name “Ciharlı” (means with four) has been altered to Hamseköy which means “five villages”. Hamsiköy, The Accommodation Spot For Caravans The history of Hamsiköy is considerably old. It was an accommodation spot on the northern route of the Silk Road that stretched from China and India to Europe in very old days. As the Camel caravans travelled from Trabzon, they tried to cross a hard passage after they stopped and rested for the last time in Hamsiköy. The ones coming from Erzurum rested in Hamsiköy after they crossed this hard passage. The first person who reached the Nara (means yell) cape, let out a yell, when Hamsiköy was on the horizon for the initial time. With this sign, followers behind were given the good news that Hamsiköy was on the horizon. Hamsiköy sustained its function in the Republic period as well when transportation was

tried to be carried out by cars. There are five separate settlements in the village. Now each of those settlements are villages. A Village Keeping the Traditions and Customs Alive Hamsiköy is one of the rare villages that was eligible to endure the customs and traditions while it maintained its endeavors of interaction and development with its environment. You can easily find everywhere in the village the cabbage soups, yığma, huliya, sarma, yağlaş made of corn flour, hoşmeli, kuymak, kazkaldıran, mıhlama which are dishes special to Black Sea. The famous rice pudding comes to mind when Hamsiköy is pronounced. Everyone who passes by, does not leave the location without tasting the rice pudding. The rice pudding which cannot easily be erased from minds of the ones who taste it, is merely the symbol of Hamsiköy. There is mostly local dresses in the village. Ladies wear girdles and waistcloths. On some special days, they wear dresses with ruffled skirts and take çente as an accessory on their backs. In recent years, certainly modern outwear dominates due to the effects of education and training. In men there aren’t any local dresses as a symbol, they dress in a modern manner. The Hamsiköy people are considerably devoted to their customs and traditions. They are trustworthy, loving and hospitable. It’s even disrespectful to reach out for your wallet when you are with them. Collective work is wide spread in the village. Digging the fields, peeling corns, taking out potatoes, mowing the lawn could not be done without collective work. It wouldn’t be fun even if it could be done.

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